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Technological advances have substantially modified our perception of life. The innovation, creation, and development of new products and services are no longer exclusive to large companies. These days, we are all creators of intellectual capital and potential entrepreneurs…

Therefore, to identify, protect and defend this capital that allows one to create a competitive advantage in the markets is an actual necessity that cannot go unnoticed by people, associations, institutions, government organizations, and much less for small, medium and large companies.

In this new increasingly dynamic, interconnected and fast-moving world, it is important to stay ahead and have a high level of knowledge and experience that can respond effectively and promptly to the needs of protection and defense of Intellectual Property rights by establishing clear strategies at the local, regional and international level.

Our team is composed by lawyers, engineers, translators and professionals in different areas of knowledge, who understand the current needs of our clients.

s view allows us to offer the best advice on all aspects of Intellectual Property, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, domain names, investigations, litigation, mediation, piracy, contracts, licensing, copyright, image rights, information technologies and data protection, as well as all commercial and legal activities that are naturally involved in the IP area.

MÉNDEZ+CORTÉS has a history of over 18 years. Our professionals have gained expertise and international experience through studies and practices in diverse countries, representing more than 1000 domestic and international companies in cooperation with different companies around the world. With this, not only we understand the culture of our clients, but also their language.

Jose-Juan Mendez former partner of BAKER & McKENZIE in the Intellectual Property area in Mexico City and founding member of the Law Firm ALEGRIA, MÉNDEZ & FERNÁNDEZ WONG (2001 - 2014) is associated in this project with Mr. Emmanuel G. Cortes, who besides his experience in the patent area, has extensive management skills in all areas of Intellectual Property,

Beyond our profession, our practice reflects a lifestyle that allows us to put into action our core values such as leadership, innovation, human relationships and integrity. Therefore, our main goal is that our clients succeed in protecting, developing and realizing their projects, but above all, that they have unlimited success.